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Skwigly Film Club #20 – The Canterbury Tales

// Skwigly Film Club

Presenting episode 20 of the Skwigly Animation Film Club!

In our twentieth episode we press play on the 1998-2000 serialised animated adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, written and directed by Jonathan Myerson with segments by Aida Zyablikova, Ashley Potter, Dave Antrobus, Mic Graves, Joanna Quinn, Valeri Ugarov, Sergei Olifirenko, Damian Gascoigne, Iain Gardner and Deiniol Morris.

For the next fortnight the Skwigly Film Club will be hosting playoffs on our twitter account and watching the finalist on the 3rd September. Make sure you know when to vote for your favourite by checking out our instagram below


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As we near the end of another #SkwiglyFilmClub season it’s time to put the losing films against one another for one more shot at glory! You can vote for the films you want to win for two days only between 21st August and the 3rd September so be sure to share the links and encourage people to vote for your favourite films on our twitter @skwigly 21 AUG – 22 AUG ROUND 1 – Spooky Films! Fear(s) of the Dark VS Hotel Transylvania 23 AUG – 24 AUG ROUND 2 – Animal Madness! Fantastic Mr. Fox VS Animal Farm 25 AUG – 26 AUG ROUND 3 – On Death’s Door! Frankenweenie VS When the Wind Blows 27 AUG – 28 AUG ROUND 4 – Pipe Smokers clash! Comet Quest VS A Liar’s Autobiography 29 – 30 AUG SEMI FINAL 1 31 AUG – 1 SEPT SEMI FINAL 3 2 – 3 SEPT FINAL! We press play on the winning film on the 3 September so keep your eye on our social media, keep voting on twitter and join us as we watch the winner of the losers then! #filmclub #fearsofthedark #hotelt #hoteltransylvania #fantasticmrfox #animalfarm #frankenweenie #whenthewindblows #cometquest #theadventuresofmarktwain #aliarsautobiography #timburton #wesanderson #halasandbatchelor #marktwain #willvinton #jimmymurakami #2danimation #stopmotion #animation #cgi #cganimation #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #lockdownmovies #movienight

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Presented by Ben Mitchell, Steve Henderson and Laura-Beth Cowley
Produced by Ben Mitchell

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