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Adentro de la Tierra / Inside of Earth

2018 // Musical, Music Video, Digital 2D


Dir: Kati Egely

What is the film about?

Three symbolic animals of the Andean cosmology guides us through the three mental states of the three worlds. Visually, as well as in the music, the ancient meets the contemporary on the animated tapestry, in order to create something relevant to the present day.

What influenced it?

Andean worldview
South American music

A little background information...

Diego Perez from NaciĆ³n Ekeko asked to make a music video about Andean worldview.
In several Peruvian cultures people (used to) think that there are various parallel world; like the Earth, oceans, lakes and rivers, the sky, the mountains… and all of these worlds have their own gods and animals.
But in “our” worldview all these universes are equivalent to states of minds and states of lives.
Is very interesting to think about a point of view where parallel universes and feelings are affecting us meanwhile there is one unity between everything, so we’re not some limited beings by time or space.

How was the film made?

Inspired by the Andean 4 elements I had the idea to use a kaleidoscope effect.
I drew first in TVpaint frame by frame everything and then I edited the sequences.

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