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Interview – The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse Article
Autism Awareness Month: Interview with Children’s TV Writer Charles Johnston Article
Autism Awareness Month: Interview with ‘Pablo’ Writer and Voice Talent Sumita Majumdar Article
Interview with ‘Inside No. 9’ Animation Director Sam O’Leary Article
Adam Elliot Interview with Adam Elliot on new short film “Ernie Biscuit” Article
Adam Elliot Skwigly at BAF Day 3: Adam Elliot Article
Adam Elliot A Conversation With Adam Elliot Article
Adam Wells Interview with “Brave New Old” Animator Adam Wells Article
Ainslie Henderson Interview with BAFTA Winner Ainslie Henderson Article
Alan Holly An Interview with ‘Coda’ director Alan Holly Article
Alan Lau An Interview With Alan Lau From Ghostbot Article
Alan Titchmarsh Alan Titchmarsh and Gordon the Garden Gnome Article
Alberto Mielgo Podcast interview with Alberto Mielgo (‘The Windshield Wiper’) Podcast
Alex Boya NFB Hothouse 10: ‘Focus’ (Alex Boya) Video
Alex Boya Q&A with ‘Turbine’ director Alex Boya Article
Alex Dowding Podcast interview with Alex Dowding of Submarine (‘Undone’) Article
Alex Leighton Producing a Series in Lockdown: New Zealand’s Mukpuddy Discuss New Show ‘The Adventures Of Tumeke Space’ Article
Alex Leighton, Ryan Cooper, Tim Evans ‘The Barefoot Bandits’ – An Interview with Mukpuddy Article
Alex Spiro Interview with Nobrow’s Creative Director Alex Spiro Article
Alex Williams Interview: Animator Alex Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Lion King, Iron Giant) Article
Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, Shauna Macdonald, Sarah Muller, Bob Higgins, Ben Ward, Rob Culle Skwigly Podcast: the talents behind ‘Danger Mouse’ + Encounters 2015 highlights Podcast
Alexandra Hohner, Ekaterina Mikheeva, Yali Herbet, Valerie Chang Skwigly at KLIK 2018 – Filmmaker Q&As 4 Podcast
Alexandra Lemay Q&A with ‘Freaks of Nurture’ director Alexandra Lemay Article
Alexandra Lemay NFB Hothouse 10: ‘All The Rage’ (Alexandra Lemay) Video
Alexandre Dubosc Alimation by Alexandre Dubosc: A Tasty Tribute to Pre-Cinema & Optical Toys Article
Ali Aschman Interview with Ali Aschman, director of ‘Shadow Passage’ Article
Alisa Stern Doctor Puppet – Interview with Creator Alisa Stern Article
Alison Snowden, David Fine Podcast interview with Alison Snowden and David Fine Podcast
Alois Di Leo Interview: Alois Di Leo & ‘The Boy Who Wanted to be a Lion’ Article
Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby Annecy 2022: A Conversation with Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby (‘The Flying Sailor’) Article
Andrea Love, Phoebe Wahl Tulip – Interview with Creators Andrea Love and Phoebe Wahl Article
Andreas Hykade Interview with Andreas Hykade (‘Altötting’) Article
Andreas Hykade Intimate Animation: Andreas Hykade (‘Ring of Fire’) Podcast
Andrew Brenner Autism Awareness Month: Pablo – Interview with Head Writer Andrew Brenner Article
Andrew Stanton, Lindsey Collins, Alan Barillaro, Marc Sondheimer Skwigly Podcast: ‘Finding Dory’ & ‘Piper’ Article
Andy Martin The Planets: Interview with Andy Martin Article
Andy Martin Meet the biggest ego in the business! Mr Director released online Article
Anete Melece Interview with Anete Melece (‘Analysis Paralysis’/’The Kiosk’) Article
Angel Wu Drawn Undrew Draw – Angel Wu Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season Article
Angus MacLane, Galyn Susman, Loren Bouchard, Bernard Derriman, Nora Smith Podcast: “Lightyear” and “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” Podcast
Anika Jarzynka Myszochujek by Kristof Babiski Article
Animade Studio The Making of Animade’s ‘Ready Steady Play’ Article
Animade Studio Interview – Animade on new short ‘Chronemics’ Article
Animated Minds Directors Animated Minds: Stories of Postnatal Depression Article
Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi Q&A with ‘Ab Ovo’ director Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi Article
Ann Marie Fleming Podcast: Ann Marie Fleming (‘Window Horses’) Podcast
Ann Marie Fleming ‘Window Horses’ – A Conversation with Ann Marie Fleming Article
Anna Ginsburg Intimate Animation: Anna Ginsburg (‘Private Parts’) Podcast
Anna Ginsburg Podcast interview with Anna Ginsburg Video
Anna Mantzaris Interview with Anna Mantzaris (‘Enough’/’Good Intentions’) Article
Anna Samo Conversations with a Whale – Anna Samo Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season Article
Ant Blades Ant Blades Launches Latest Short ‘Carpark’ Article
Ant Blades An Interview with Ant Blades of Birdbox Studio Article
Anthony Lawrence Q&A with ‘Grace Under Water’ Director Anthony Lawrence Article
Anthony Scott, Jamie Caliri, Alexander Juhasz, Corinne Merrell Skwigly Podcast: An interview with the stop-motion talents of ‘The Little Prince’ Article
Anthony Stacchi, Graham Annable Boxtrolls – Interview with Directors Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable Article
Antonio Veiras Interview with “Murderer Alias X” Director Antonio Veiras Article
Arjan Brentjes, Max Mörtl, Ruth Taylor, Auke de Vries, Alice Saey Skwigly at KLIK! 2017 – Filmmaker Talkshow 1 Podcast
Arnold Leibovit The Legacy of George Pal: Interview with Arnold Leibovit Article
Artūrs Lācis, Carolina Cruz, Evelyne Dubois Skwigly at KLIK! 2016 – Filmmaker Talkshow 2 Podcast
Arty Hunt, Frank Harper, Tim Allenby ‘A Messy State of Affairs’ Scoops the Bristol Regional RTS Student Award Article
Asa Lucander, Marc Moynihan Interview with ‘Lost Property’ Director Asa Lucander & Animator Marc Moynihan Article
Ashley Dean Ashley Dean and Broken Pixel Article
Astrid Goldsmith Squirrel Island: An Interview with Astrid Goldsmith Article
Barney Goodland Interview with Superworm Producer Barney Goodland Article
Barry Purves Barry Purves Interview – Respect the Puppets! Part One Article
Barry Purves Barry Purves – Respect the Puppets! Part Two Article
Becky Sloan, Joseph Pelling, Simon Cartwright, Ben Bocquelet, Mic Graves, James Stevenson Bretton, Tom Stuart Lightbox: The talents of Blink Industries bring ‘The Puppets’ to ‘Amazing World of Gumball’ Video
Ben Bocquelet Lightbox: ‘Amazing World of Gumball’ creator Ben Bocquelet Article
Ben Bocquelet Interview with Ben Bocquelet, creator of ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ Article
Ben Locket, Gareth Davies Animation Composed: Ben Locket & Gareth Davies Podcast
Ben Steer Podcast interview with ‘Mamoon’ director Ben Steer Podcast
Ben Ward, Bob Higgins, Sara Muller The Remaking of Danger Mouse – The Chiefs Speak! Article
Benedikt Hummel, Alain Delannoy, Joost Lieuwma Skwigly at KLIK! 2017 – Filmmaker Talkshow 2 Article
Beni Morard, Frederic Siegel, Kilian Vilim, Sam Gainsborough, Jasper Kuipers Skwigly at KLIK 2018 – Filmmaker Q&As 3 Podcast
Benjamin Arcand Interview with ‘Wackatdooo’ Director Benjamin Arcand Article
Benjamín Mugica NFB Hothouse 10: ‘End of Message’ (Benjamín Mugica) Video
Bexie Bush Interview with ‘Mend and Make do’ Director Bexie Bush Article
Bianca Ansems Playing Ghost. An interview with NFTS graduate Bianca Ansems Article
Bill Dennis Interview: Bill Dennis – Ex-CEO of Toonz Animation Article
Bill Plympton Skwigly Podcast: Bill Plympton (Plymptoons) Article
Bill Plympton A Conversation with Bill Plympton Article
Bill Plympton, Jim Lujan Bill Plympton and Jim Lujan’s ‘Revengeance’ – Teaser Trailer! Article
Bimpe Alliu, Mohamed Orekan, Rizwan Rafiq, Tanya Scott Visible In Visuals: New podcast series launched Podcast
Bobby Rubio, Krissy Cababa Autism Awareness Month: Pixar’s Float – Interview with Bobby Rubio (Director) & Krissy Cababa (Producer) Article
Bonnie Arnold Producing Animation: Bonnie Arnold (‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’, ‘Toy Story’) Article
Bram Ttwheam Aardman’s Bram Ttwheam on Hunchback in the Park Article
Brett Jubinville, Morghan Fortier Interview with the creators of ‘Super Science Friends!’ Article
Britt Raes Interview with “Catherine” director Britt Raes Article
Britt Raes Interview: Britt Raes Discusses Charming Second Short Film “Luce and the Rock” Article
Britt Raes, Kimberly Berckmoes Skwigly at KLIK 2018 – Filmmaker Q&As 2 Podcast
Bruno Collet Memorable Review & Interview with Bruno Collet Article
Caitlin McCarthy Intimate Animation: Caitlin McCarthy (‘Coldsore’) Podcast
Cam Christiansen Interview with ‘WALL’ director Cam Christiansen Article
Carlos Andre Stevens “The Alchemist’s Letter” – Interview with Writer/Director Carlos Andre Stevens Article
Carlos Baena Pixar and’s Carlos Baena Article
Carlos Saldanha RIO 2 Behind The Scenes #4: Directing – Carlos Saldanha Article
Carol-Lynn Parente Autism Awareness Month: Interview with ‘Hero Elementary’ Creators Carol-Lynn Parente and Christine Ferraro Article
Caroline Thompson Podcast: Caroline Thompson (‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’/’Corpse Bride’) Article
Cat Solen The Shivering Truth: An Interview with director Cat Solen Article
Catherine Dubeau NFB: Hothouse 11: ‘Mindfork’ (Catherine Dubeau) Article
Catherine Lepage Q&A with Catherine Lepage (‘The Great Malaise’) Article
Ceiren Bell Ceiren Bell Interview: Why is Animation so Transgressive and Empowering? Article
Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson discuss ‘Anomalisa’ Article
Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson Skwigly Podcast: Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson (‘Anomalisa’) Podcast
Charlie Miller, Harry Slinger-Thompson ‘Player 2’ – Interview with Charlie Miller & Harry Slinger-Thompson Article
Charlotte Bavasso Producing Animation: Charlotte Bavasso Article
Chintis Lundren, Draško Ivezić Intimate Animation: Chintis Lundgren (‘Manivald’) Podcast
Chloé Alliez Interview with ‘Toutes Nuancées’ director Chloé Alliez Article
Chris Butcher An interview with Canimation winner Chris Butcher Article
Chris Butler ‘Missing Link’ Interview + Blu-ray Giveaway Article
Chris Butler Podcast interview with ‘Missing Link’ director/writer Chris Butler Podcast
Chris Butler, Oliver Jones The Evolution of LAIKA – Q&A with Chris Butler and Oliver Jones Article
Chris Dainty Interview with Chris Dainty, director of ‘Shannon Amen’ Article
Chris Dicker Whats Your News? Interview with Chris Dicker Article
Chris Grine Interview: Chris Grine Talks “Chickenhare” Article
Chris Landreth Lightbox: Oscar-winning NFB director Chris Landreth Article
Chris Landreth Interview with Chris Landreth, Oscar-winning Mentoring Director for the NFB’s Hothouse 10 Article
Chris Lavis, Peter Bas ‘Cochemare’ – A Conversation with Chris Lavis & Peter Bas Article
Chris Randall, Waldemar Werbel CITV’s Share a Story Presents “My Motorbike” Article
Chris Renaud Skwigly Podcast: Chris Renaud (‘The Secret Life of Pets’) Article
Chris Renaud Director Chris Renaud on ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ Article
Chris Shepherd Q&A with Chris Shepherd Article
Chris Sickels Interview with Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio Article
Chris Wilder Looking Beyond “The Bigger Picture” Article
Christiane Cegavske Christiane Cegavske Interview: The Alchemy of Animation Article
Christopher Kezelos An Interview with Christopher Kezelos Article
Claire Blanchet Interview with Claire Blanchet, director of “The End of Pinky” Article
Clark Spencer Interview with ‘Encanto’ Producer Clark Spencer Article
Claude Cloutier An Interview with Claude Cloutier Article
Claude Cloutier Q&A with Claude Cloutier (Bad Seeds) Article
Clay Kaytis, John Kahrs, Paul Briggs Interview: Disney’s Clay Kaytis, John Kahrs & Paul Briggs Article
Cliona Noonan Q&A with Cliona Noonan (‘Wet & Soppy’) Article
Conor Finnegan Interview with ‘Sound of Horns’ director Conor Finnegan Article
Conor Finnegan Fear of Flying – Interview with Conor Finnegan Article
Conor Whelan Interview with ‘Snowfall’ director Conor Whelan Article
Conor Whelan Skwigly Podcast: Conor Whelan (‘Snowfall’) Article
Cora McKenna Interview with ‘Shergar’ director Cora McKenna Article
Cordell Barker Lightbox: Cordell Barker’s “If I Was God…” Article
Corrie Francis Parks Corrie Francis Parks on ‘A Tangled Tale’ Article
Curtis Augspurger Interview: Curtis Augspurger – Co-Producer on Valiant Article
Curtis Horsburgh NFB Hothouse 11: ‘Fyoog’ (Curtis Horsburgh) Article
Cyriak Harris Cyriak Harris + Crazy Animations = 42 Millions views! Article
Daisy Jacobs Interview with BAFTA award winner Daisy Jacobs Article
Dale Baer Baer-ing Up in Tough Times – Interview with Disney Animator Dale Baer Article
Dale Hayward, Sylvia Trouvé Interview with Dale Hayward and Sylvia Trouvé (Bone Mother) Article
Dale Newton Animating Detective Pikachu: Interview with Framestore Animation Supervisor Dale Newton Article
Damien O'Connor After You – Sixty Years In The Life Of A Dublin Doorman, Released Online Article
Damien O'Connor Interview with ‘Anya’ Director Damien O’Connor Article
Dan Povenmire, Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh Lightbox: Dan Povenmire & Jeff ‘Swampy’ Marsh on new series “Milo Murphy’s Law” Video
Dani Bowman Autism Awareness Month: Interview with Dani Bowman of DaniMation Entertainment Article
Dani Bowman, Joe Westlake DaniMation Returns for Animation Camp for Autistic Students to UK: Interview with Dani Bowman, Joe Westlake, Sandy Vielma Article
Daniel Abramovich RIO 2 Behind The Scenes #6: Stereoscopic – Daniel Abramovich Article
Daniel Chong ‘We Bare Bears’ returns to Cartoon Network UK this Monday Video
Daniel Chong Lightbox: “We Bare Bears” Creator Daniel Chong Article
Daniel Chong Interview with ‘We Bare Bears’ creator Daniel Chong Article
Daniel Gray Interview with ‘HIDE’ director Daniel Gray Article
Daniel Greaves The Making of Mr Plastimime with Daniel Greaves (Video Interview) Article
Darcy Prendergast Darcy Prendergast Interview: Gotye’s Easy Way Out & More Article
Dario van Vree Intimate Animation: Dario van Vree (‘Tabook’) Podcast
Dave Beeson CITV’s Share A Story Presents “The Grumpy Pizza” Article
Dave McKean Skwigly at BAF Day 1: Dave McKean Article
Dave Prosser Interview: Dave Prosser Talks His New Film ‘Matter Fisher’ Article
David Barlow-Krelina Interview with ‘Caterpillarplasty’ director David Barlow-Krelina Article
David Chai, Araz Kelian, Geertrui de Vijlder Skwigly at KLIK 2018 – Filmmaker Q&As 1 Podcast
David Heslop The Share A Story Story! Article
David OReilly Podcast – Independent Animation: David OReilly Podcast
David Prosser Studio AKA, Statoil and David Prosser Article
Dean DeBlois Lightbox: ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ director Dean DeBlois Article
Diane Obomsawin Intimate Animation: Diane Obomsawin (‘I Like Girls’) Podcast
Diane Obomsawin Interview with Diane Obomsawin (‘I Like Girls’/’On Loving Women’) Article
Domee Shi ‘Turning Red’ | Q&A with Domee Shi Article
Don Bluth, Gary Goldman Don Bluth and Gary Goldman Part One – Leaving Disney Article
Don Bluth, Gary Goldman Don Bluth and Gary Goldman Part Two – Long Live 2D! Article
Don Bluth, Gary Goldman Don Bluth And Gary Goldman Part Three – Working in Ireland Article
Don Bluth, Gary Goldman Skwigly Podcast: Don Bluth & Gary Goldman Podcast
Don Hertzfeldt Don Hertzfeldt’s WORLD OF TOMORROW – Director Interview Article
Doosun Shin Interview with ‘Fox Tale’ director Doosun Shin Article
Dotty Kultys, Thomas White, Yoni Salmon, Ilenia Cotardo, Evgenia Golubeva Skwigly at CAF: Filmmaker Q&As 2 Podcast
Doug TenNapel A Conversation with ‘Armikrog’/‘Earthworm Jim’ creator Doug TenNapel Article
Doug TenNapel Skwigly Podcast: Doug TenNapel (‘Armikrog/’The Neverhood’/’Earthworm Jim’) Podcast
Drew Roper Interview with “At-issue” Director Drew Roper Article
Duncan Major NFB Hothouse 11: ‘Little Big Bang’ (Duncan Major) Article
Eamonn O’Neill Interview with LEFT Director Eamonn O’Neill Article
Edlyn Capulong Interview with “Lucy & The Limbs” director Edlyn Capulong Article
Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen, Anna Mantzaris ‘But Milk is Important’ Interview with Directors Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Anna Mantzaris Article
Elie Chapuis Interview with ‘Impostor’ director Elie Chapuis Article
Elizabeth Daily An Interview with E.G Daily – Rugrats Voice Artist Article
Elizabeth Hobbs Podcast: Elizabeth Hobbs (“I’m OK”) Podcast
Elliot Cowan An Interview with Elliot Cowan, director of ‘The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead and Roundhead’ Article
Elliot Cowan Skwigly Podcast: Elliot Cowan Article
Elliot Dear Interview with Elliot Dear, director of ‘Love Death + Robots: All Through the House’ Article
Emma Burch Being Bradford Dillman: An Interview with Emma Burch Article
Emma Lazenby Interview with Emma Lazenby (ForMed Films) Article
Emmanuelle Loslier Q&A with Emmanuelle Loslier Article
Emmanuelle Walker Review and Interview: Emmanuelle Walker (‘Dogs In Cars’) Article
Eoin Duffy Podcast: Eoin Duffy (“I Am Here”) Podcast
Eoin Duffy An interview with Eoin Duffy (‘I Am Here’/’The Missing Scarf’) Article
Eric Drooker Interview with artist and ‘Howl’ Animation Designer Eric Drooker Article
Erica Milsom Autism Awareness Month: Pixar’s Loop – Interview with Erica Milsom Article
Erik van Schaaik Interview with ‘Under the Apple Tree’ director Erik van Schaaik Article
Erin Kim Q&A with Erin Kim (‘Revenge Story’) Article
Esteban Azuela NFB Hothouse 10: ‘Sweet Talk’ (Esteban Azuela) Video
Eva Cvijanović Podcast: Eva Cvijanović (“Hedgehog’s Home”) Article
Eva Cvijanović Interview with Eva Cvijanović (“Hedgehog’s Home”) Article
Evgenia Golubeva Creating Content for Children: Interview with Evgenia Golubeva Article
Felix Massie Skwigly Podcast: Felix Massie (Nexus/Aardman/Arthur Cox) Article
Felix Massie Interview with ‘In the Air is Christopher Gray’ Director Felix Massie Article
Floor Adams Intimate Animation: Floor Adams (‘Mind My Mind’) Podcast
Floor Adams, Jonathan Hodgson, Mark Lopez, JoAnne Salmon, Shannon Reeve, Alex Widdowson, Maria Teixeira Skwigly at Encounters – Filmmaker Q&As 4 Podcast
Fokion Xenos Heatwave: An Interview with NFTS Graduate Fokion Xenos Article
Frances Adair Mckenzie NFB Hothouse 10: ‘A Little Craving’ (Frances Adair Mckenzie) Video
Francis Fitzpatrick Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick: Francis Fitzpatrick On The Future Article
Franck Dion Interview with Franck Dion (‘The Head Vanishes’) Article
Frank Abney Interview: Frank Abney paints a vivid picture in ‘Canvas’ Article
Frank Mansfield CITV’s Share A Story Presents “Super Dan” Article
Fraser MacLean Fraser MacLean: “Setting the Scene” Book Review and Interview Article
Frédéric Doazan Interview with ‘Supervenus’ director Frédéric Doazan Article
Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier Interview with ‘Sororal’ directors Frédéric Even and Louise Mercadier Article
Frederic Siegel The Lonely Orbit Animated Short Available Online – Plus Directors Q&A Article
Frederic Siegel, Veronika L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, Lukas Suter, Marieke Blaauw, Sacha Feiner Skwigly at KLIK! – Filmmaker Talkshow 2 Podcast
Fx Goby Interview with Nexus director Fx Goby (“To Build A Fire”) Article
Gaïa Grandin-Mendzylewski Hi! How are You? – Gaïa Grandin-Mendzylewski Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season Article
Genevieve Dexter Wombles Pick Up A New Series: Interview With Co-Producer Genevieve Dexter Article
Genndy Tartakovsky Genndy Tartakovsky Interview Article
George Gendi Q&A with George Gendi (‘Apple and Onion’) Article
Georgia Kriss HOUND: An interview with director Georgia Kriss Article
Georgina Hayns, Guy Davis Pinocchio: Interview with Puppet Supervisor Georgina Hayns & Production Designer Guy Davis Article
Gergely Wootsch This is Not Real by Gergely Wootsch Article
Gervais Merryweather Interview with ‘Buy Buy Baby’ director Gervais Merryweather Article
Gillian Lacey, Lynn Mitchell Podcast: ‘Yellow Submarine’ 50 years on Article
Giovanni Braggio, Junaid Chundrigar, Fleur Odylle Skwigly at KLIK! 2016 – Filmmaker Talkshow 1 Article
Glen Keane Interview with Glen Keane, Disney veteran and legendary animation artist (Part 1) Article
Glen Keane Interview with Glen Keane, Disney veteran and legendary animation artist (Part 2) Article
Glen Keane Lightbox Plus: Extended Interview with Glen Keane on the making of ‘Duet’ Article
Glen Keane Lightbox: Interview with Glen Keane on the making of ‘Duet’ Article
Graham Annable Podcast: Graham Annable (Grickle) Podcast
Grainne McGuinness Autism Awareness Month: Interview with ‘Pablo’ Creator Grainne McGuinness Article
Grant Orchard Interview: Studio AKA’s Grant Orchard On “A Morning Stroll” Article
Greg McLeod Lightbox: Greg McLeod (The Brothers McLeod) Article
Greg McLeod, Myles McLeod ‘365’ by Brothers McLeod released online! Podcast
Greg McLeod, Myles McLeod CITV’s Share A Story Presents “The Hedgehog Who Wanted To Fly” Article
Guillermo del Toro, Mark Gustafson Guillermo del Toro & Mark Gustafson on bringing ‘Pinocchio’ to life | Interview + Review Article
Haein Kim, Paul Rhodes A Conversation with Haein & Paul Article
Haley Mancini Lightbox: Haley Mancini (‘The Powerpuff Girls’) Video
Hamish Steele Interview with Hamish Steele (‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’) Article
Håvard Forland Isaksen Spray – A Hairy Interview with Håvard Forland Isaksen Article
Heather Colbert Q&A: The Musical Animations of Heather Colbert Article
Henrique Barone Interview with Henrique Barone Article
Henrique Barone Tako Faito – Serving up a Success Article
Henry Selick Henry Selick (Wendell & Wild) Podcast Interview Podcast
Hisko Hulsing Interview with Junkyard Director Hisko Hulsing Article
Howie Shia Interview with Howie Shia (“Marco’s Oriental Noodles”) Article
Howie Shia Q&A with Howie Shia (‘BAM’) Article
Hugh Welchman ‘Loving Vincent’: Interview with Hugh Welchman of BreakThru Films Article
Iain Gardner Iain Gardner Steps Down After 10 Years of Animation Championing at EIFF – Interview Article
Iain Gardner Iain Gardner’s “The Tannery” Released Online – Director Interview Article
Ian Mackinnon, Peter Saunders Lightbox: Mackinnon and Saunders Article
Ian Rainford, Wayne Large CITV’S Share a Story Presents “Granny Margaret Who Blows Off A Lot” Article
Ida Melum ‘Night of the Living Dread’ – a conversation with Ida Melum Article
Illiana Franklin Illiana Franklin: A Journey into the Industry Article
Irina Margolina Irina Margolina: The Animated Century Article
Isabel Peppard, Warwick Burton “Butterflies” – Q&A with Warwick Burton & Isabel Peppard Article
Isabelle Favez Lightbox: Swiss filmmaker Isabelle Favez Article
Izzy Burton Interview: Izzy Burton breaks down Blue Zoo’s new short – Via Article
J.G. Quintel Interview with ‘Regular Show’ Creator J.G. Quintel Article
J.G. Quintel Lightbox: “Regular Show” Creator J.G. Quintel Article
Jack Cunningham Q&A with Nexus director Jack Cunningham Article
Jackson Publick Interview with ‘The Venture Bros’ creator Jackson Publick Article
Jake Nelson , Pjotr Sapegin, Merete Korsberg, Kristin Günther Skwigly at Encounters – Filmmaker Q&As 2 Podcast
James Curran Tintin Fan, James Curran, Lands Spielberg Job Article
James Farr Rebooting Pac-Man: An Interview With Directior James Farr Article
James Williams WATCH: James Williams, Head of Layout (Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2) Video
Jamie Badminton Producing Animation: Jamie Badminton, ‘Sarah & Duck’ Article
Jamie Badminton, Joanna Harrison, Robin Shaw, Michael Rose Podcast: 2016 Animated Holiday Specials Podcast
Jan Švankmajer An Interview with Jan Švankmajer Article
Jan Švankmajer Jan Švankmajer answers Skwigly readers’ questions Article
Jane Davies, Matthew Walker Aardman’s ‘Lloyd of the Flies’ – new trailer + podcast interview! Podcast
Janet Perlman Lightbox: Janet Perlman, director of “Monsieur Pug” Article
Janette Goodey, John Lewis Interview: John Lewis and Janette Goodey on ‘The Story of Percival Pilts’ Article
Jardine Sage CITV’s Share A story Presents “A Dinosaur Who Ate My Homework” Article
Jared Bush, Charise Castro Smith Interview with ‘Encanto’ Directors Jared Bush & Charise Castro Smith Article
Jared Bush, Charise Castro Smith, Clark Spencer, Sarah Scrimgeour, Jac Hamman, Massimo Fenati Podcast: ‘Encanto’, ‘Superworm’ & ‘The Abominable Snow Baby’ Podcast
Jasmine Elsen, Ludwig Camarillo, Kiril Mirkov, Martanoemí Noriega, Tomas Cortés-Rosselot Skwigly at KLIK! 2017 – Filmmaker Talkshow 3 Podcast
Jay Grace An interview with Jay Grace, director of Shaun the Sheep The Farmer’s Llamas Article
Jean-François Lévesque Interview with ‘I, Barnabé’ director Jean-François Lévesque Article
Jeeyun Sung Chisholm RIO 2 Behind The Scenes #3: Lighting – Jeeyun Sung Chisholm Article
Jeff Chiba Stearns Sticky Situations: An Interview with Jeff Chiba Stearns Article
Jeff Danna, Mychael Danna An Interview with ‘Storks’ Composers Jeff and Mychael Danna Article
Jelena Popović Producing Animation: Jelena Popović Article
Jennifer Stratton, Kendra Vander Vliet, Trent Correy, Jeff Gipson Podcast: Disney’s Short Circuit Podcast
Jennifer Wright Interview with Jennifer Wright (100,000 Acres of Pine) Article
Jennifer Zheng Interview with ‘Tough’ director Jennifer Zheng Article
Jennifer Zheng, Jodie Haslam, Ben O'Conner, Luc Gut, Joseph Wallace, Meryn Cobbin, Gábor Osváth Skwigly at Encounters: Filmmaker Q&As 2 Podcast
Jeremy Clapin Interview with ‘Palmipédarium’ director Jeremy Clapin Article
Jeremy Schafer The Box Assassin – Interview with Director Jeremy Schaefer Article
Jeremy Shada Interview with Adventure Time’s Jeremy Shada (Finn the Human) Article
Jessica Borutski Interview with Jessica Borutski (‘Bunnicula’) Article
JJ Villard A Rather Grimm Retelling: An Interview with JJ Villard Article
Jo Boag Guess How Much I Love Animation: An Interview with Creative Director Jo Boag Article
Joanna Hepworth Q&A with Joanna Hepworth, Animation Director on ‘Love Monster’ Article
Joanna Quinn Video Exclusive: Joanna Quinn on Making the BAF Animated Trailer Article
Joanna Quinn Affairs of the Art – Interview with Joanna Quinn and Les Mills Part 1 Article
Joanna Quinn Skwigly at BAF Day 2: Joanna Quinn Article
Joanna Quinn Lightbox: Joanna Quinn Article
Joanna Quinn, Les Mills Affairs of the Art – Interview with Joanna Quinn and Les Mills Part 2 Article
Joanne Chalkley Interview with ‘Clangers’ director Joanne Chalkley Article
Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins Lightbox: An Interview with Job Roggeveen and Joris Oprins (Job, Joris & Marieke) Article
Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, PES, Tomm Moore Skwigly at KLIK! – Special Guests Podcast
Joe Brumm Interview with ‘The Meek’ director Joe Brumm Article
Joe Brumm Skwigly Podcast: Joe Brumm (Studio Joho) Article
Joel Benjamin, Nicholas De Fina, Dan Ekis, Natasha Price Podcast – Making Independent Animated Features Podcast
Joel Crawford, Mark Swift Joel Crawford and Mark Swift on ‘Puss In Boots: The Last Wish’ Article
John Erik Kaada, Scot Stafford, Alexis Harte Animation Composed – podcast special featuring John Erik Kaada, Scot Stafford & Alexis Harte Podcast
John Kahrs Podcast interview with John Kahrs (‘Age of Sail’) Podcast
John Kahrs, Kristina Reed WATCH: John Kahrs and Kristina Reed talk about Disney’s Paperman Video
John Kahrs, Kristina Reed Disney’s Paperman: John Kahrs and Kristina Reed Interview Article
John Kricfalusi A Conversation with John Kricfalusi Article
John Kricfalusi, Billy West, Jim Gomez, Stephen DeStefano, Bob Jaques Skwigly Podcast: Celebrating 25 years of ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show’ Article
Jon Favreau Director Jon Favreau discusses Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ remake Article
Jon Turner Kilogramme hopes to tell more Tall Tales Article
Jonah D. Ansell Cadaver Interview: Director & Writer Jonah D. Ansell Article
Jonathan Hodgson Interview: Jonathan Hodgson on his latest film ‘Roughhouse’ – a raw portrayal of bullying Article
Joost Lieuwma An Interview with ‘Cartoon-Box’ creator Joost Lieuwma (Frame Order) Article
Jordan Canning, Howie Shia Interview: Jordan Canning & Howie Shia discuss NFB collaboration ‘4 North A’ Article
Jorge Gutiérrez Q&A with Google Spotlight Stories director Jorge Gutiérrez (“Son of Jaguar”) Article
Jorge Gutiérrez Interview with Jorge Gutiérrez, director of ‘The Book of Life’ Article
Jorge R. Gutiérrez Autism Awareness Month: Interview with Jorge R. Gutiérrez Article
Joseph Wallace Joseph Wallace on the Making of ‘Edith Piaf Said it Better Than Me’ Article
Josephine Lohoar Self ‘The Fabric of You’ – Josephine Lohoar Self Interview & Review Article
Josh Staub Interview with Josh Staub, visual effects supervisor on Disney’s FEAST Article
Josh Weinstein Podcast interview with writer/producer Josh Weinstein Article
Josh Weinstein Disenchantment Returns! Interview with Showrunner Josh Weinstein Part One Article
Joshua Flynn, Kerry Dyer, Kim Keukeleire, Tim Allen Podcast interviews with the team behind “Isle of Dogs” Podcast
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Sarah Hauldren Interview with ‘Moominvalley’ Production Designer Sarah Hauldren Article
Sarah Muller Sarah Muller Discusses CBBC Animation Pilot Scheme – ANIM8 Article
Sarah van den Boom Interview with Sarah Van Den Boom, director of ‘In Deep Waters’ Article
Saschka Unseld Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella: An interview with Saschka Unseld Article
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Sean Szeles Interview with ‘Long Live the Royals’ creator Sean Szeles Article
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Seb Burnett Lightbox: Interview with Rumpus Animation’s Seb Burnett on the making of ‘Bertram Fiddle’ Video
Seb Burnett, Joe Wood Skwigly/SWAN Focus: Rumpus Animation Article
Sheldon Cohen A Conversation with Sheldon Cohen (‘My Heart Attack’, ‘The Sweater’) Article
Shoko Hara Interview with ‘Just a Guy’ director Shoko Hara Article
Signe Baumane Signe Baumane – Extended Interview Article
Signe Baumane Intimate Animation: Signe Baumane (‘My Love Affair With Marriage’) Podcast
Simon Cartwright Skwigly Podcast: Simon Cartwright (‘MANOMAN’) Article
Simon Landrein Q&A with Simon Landrein, ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ season 5 guest artist Article
Simon Partington Slumberless interview with director Simon Partington Article
Simon Rolph, Simon Quinn, Tom Edgar Making Wussywat the Clumsy Cat, a chat with the team behind Babycow’s new show Article
Simon Santos I Hate You Red Light! Interview with Simon Santos Article
Simon Tofield Podcast – Interview with Simon Tofield (“Simon’s Cat”) Podcast
Simon Tofield Interview: Simon Tofield – The Man Behind Simon’s Cat Article
Simone Giampaolo New Sky Series ‘Obki’ Helps Children Understand Climate Change | Interview with Obki Creators Article
Sine Özbilge, Imge Özbilge Interview with Sine and Imge Özbilge (#21xoxo) Article
Soetkin Verstegen Q&A with Soetkin Verstegen (“Freeze Frame”) Article
Sophie Dutton, Anna Eijsbouts, Jake Harvey, Somnath Pal Skwigly at CAF: Filmmaker Q&As 3 Podcast
Spela Cadez Interview with ‘Boles’ director Špela Čadež Article
Špela Čadež Interview with ‘Nighthawk’ director Špela Čadež Article
Špela Čadež Unraveling ‘Orange is the New Black’ with Špela Čadež Article
Spin Kick Bros Q&A with Spin Kick Bros Article
Stephanie Braithwaite NFB Hothouse 10: ‘The Roommate’ (Stephanie Braithwaite) Video
Stephen Chiodo Interview with Stephen Chiodo, director of ‘Alien Xmas’ Article
Stephen Silver Review and Interview: Stephen Silver (‘The Silver Way’) Article
Steve Boot WATCH: Once Upon A Blue Moon by Steve Boot Article
Steve Small, Stephen McNally, Federico Matarazzo, Naaman Azhari, Eunju Ara Choi, Rachael Philip Skwigly at Encounters – Filmmaker Q&As 6 Podcast
Steven Clay Hunter Interview with ‘Out’ director Steven Clay Hunter Article
Steven Woloshen Lightbox: Steven Woloshen on ‘1000 Plateaus (2004-2014)’ Article
Swampy Marsh Phineas & Ferb Creator Swampy Marsh Interview Article
Sylvie Trouvé, Dale Hayward Podcast interview with ‘Bone Mother’ directors Sylvie Trouvé & Dale Hayward Article
Teri Hatcher Teri Hatcher Interview – Skwigly Video Exclusive: Disney Planes Article
Terril Calder Annecy 2022: Q&A with Terril Calder (‘Meneath’) Article
Thao Lam, Kjell Boersma Boat People | Q&A with Thao Lam and Kjell Boersma Article
The Late Night Work Club The Late Night Work Club Article
Theodore Ushev Theodore Ushev discusses latest work ‘Blind Vaysha’ Article
Theodore Ushev Lightbox: Theodore Ushev Article
Theodore Ushev Theodore Ushev discusses his masterful new film ‘The Physics of Sorrow’ Article
Theodore Ushev Theodore Ushev on ‘Sonámbulo’ & ‘Blood Manifesto’ Article
Theodore Ushev Q&A with Theodore Ushev Article
Thomas Johnson, Ivana Bošnjak Interview with ‘Imbued Life’ directors Thomas Johnson Volda and Ivana Bošnjak Volda Article
Thomas Lucas Death in Space: Thomas Lucas Interview Article
Tim Bain How to Write for Kid’s Animation: Tricks of the Trade with Tim Bain – Q&A Article
Timothy Reckart A Conversation with “Head Over Heels” Director Timothy Reckart Article
Timothy Ware-Hill, Arnon Manor Interview: Timothy Ware-Hill and Arnon Manor (‘Cops and Robbers’) Article
Tom Angell WATCH: ‘The Inverted Peak’ by The Brothers McLeod now online Video
Tom Box Coronavirus – Preparing an Animation Studio with Blue Zoo Article
Tom Box Blue Zoo’s “No More Stuff” – Interview Article
Tom Brown, Daniel Gray Teeth by Holbrooks films is finally online – Interview Article
Tom Brown, Daniel Gray Skwigly Podcast: Tom Brown & Daniel Gray (Holbrooks) Article
Tom Cardone, Vicki Saulls RIO 2 Behind The Scenes #1: Art Directing – Tom Cardone & Sculpting – Vicki Saulls Article
Tom Cousins, Katherine McQueen, Ros Attille JoJo & Gran Gran – Interview with the team behind CBeebies latest hit! Article
Tom Jobbins We Can Be Ghosts Now: Interview with Director Tom Jobbins Article
Tom Jobbins, Mark Perrett Educational Animated Series “JazzDuck” Pilot has Launched on Amazon. Article
Tom McGrath An Interview with The Boss Baby Director Tom McGrath Article
Tom Schroeder An Interview with Tom Schroeder Article
Tomm Moore Lightbox: Cartoon Saloon’s Tomm Moore on ‘Song of the Sea’ and ‘The Prophet’ Article
Tomm Moore An interview with Cartoon Saloon’s Tomm Moore, director of ‘Song of the Sea’ Article
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Tony Collingwood, Helen Stroud Collingwood O’Hare Entertainment: A Studio Profile Article
Tony Dalton Ray Harryhausen Documentary & Interview with Co-Producer Tony Dalton Article
Torill Kov New work from Oscar-winning animator Torill Kove online Article
Torill Kove Lightbox: Torill Kove, director of “The Danish Poet” and “Me and My Moulton” Article
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Travis Hathaway Interview: Pixar Animator Travis Hathaway Article
Travis Knight Travis Knight Interview: ‘Transforming’ from Animator to Live Action Director Article
Travis Knight Lightbox: ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ director Travis Knight Video
Travis Knight Podcast: ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ director Travis Knight Podcast
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Trevor Hardy Q&A with ‘Strike’ director Trevor Hardy Article
Trevor Jimenez ‘Weekends’ by Trevor Jimenez released online Podcast
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Various Animation Studios ‘Project Chapman’ on ‘Project Chapman’ Article
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Wes Wood Lightbox: Wes Wood on CITV’s “Compost Corner” Article
Will Anderson In conversation with Will Anderson about his new film ‘Betty’ Article
Will Anderson An Interview with Scotlands Latest Talent – Multi-Award Winning Will Anderson Article
Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson Skwigly at EIFF 3: Will Anderson & Ainslie Henderson Article
Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson Lightbox: Making “Monkey Love Experiments” (Scottish BAFTA Winner) Video
Will Becher Puppetry in Motion: Interview with Will Becher Article
Will Becher Lightbox: ‘Shaun the Sheep The Movie’ with Aardman’s Will Becher Article
Will Becher, Richard Phelan Interview with “Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie” directors Will Becher and Richard Phelan Article
Will Bishop Stephens, Chris Eales WATCH: Two Films About Loneliness Released Online Article
Will McCormack, Michael Govier ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ – Q&A with Will McCormack & Michael Govier Article
William Crook Q&A with William Crook (‘Getting Started’) Article
William Uricchio ‘Interactive Haiku’ – an Interview with William Uricchio Article
Wip Vernooij, Cako Facioli, Morgan Francis Moshi Monsters The Movie – Interview Article
Yen Liang Chen AM I ORIGHT – Yen Liang Chen Interview | I’M FINE! – UK/Ukraine Season Article
Yoni Goodman Encounters 20/20: Lightbox featuring Yoni Goodman (‘The Congress’, ‘Waltz With Bashir’) Article
Yves Paradis Q&A with Yves Paradis (M52) Article
Zoë Hutber Toyhood – A Non-Political Short Film that Tackles Brexit & Immigration Article
Zoltan Aprily, Sara Barbas, Yolanda Barker, Mike Brookes, Anete Melece, Charlie Miller, Claire Winter Skwigly at Encounters: Filmmaker Q&As 1 Podcast

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